You Play a Critical Role in Firefighting!

Why your donations directly support the community
Though the town of Colebrook is considered small by big city standards, the population of 1,361 are spread across 33 square miles of varying terrain. including forests, mountains and streams.

Colebrook Fire Department is an entirely volunteer organization, where citizens give of themselves to protect the community. To ensure their safety, and to give them the skills to serve as firefighters, EMS or Fire Police, members are sent to state sanctioned training.

While the Town of Colebrook generously provides enough funds to cover fire house costs, engine maintenance and tools, there is all too often not enough funds to cover some of the important aspects of firefighting, such as training, modernized gear, updated systems and more.

Grants play a role in additional funding, but Forge Fire Company also relies on the generosity of citizens to help.

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Firefighter Costs

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