In February of 1950, members of the Colebrook community collectively decided that more fire protection was needed in the Valley of Colebrook known as Robertsville. The long winding road that took travellers North to Massachusetts was a main thoroughfare with many houses and farms along the way. Fueled by a desire to provide aid to the community in as quick a fashion as possible, the founding members took up a post on Riverton Road, just a half mile from the much busier “Route 8.” They purchased a building from the Victory Grange, and set to work outfitting the building as their new fire station. Paired with the Center Fire Station on Route 183 in the Village district of Colebrook, the newly formed Forge Fire Company was able to cast a wide net of protection to all corners of the town as well as the surrounding communities.

On September 5th 1950, the founding members took their Articles of Association to the Town Hall. The following day, they made the long trek to Hartford to have their Articles of Association signed and legally adopted by the State of Connecticut. Since their first meeting in 1949, and official Association in 1950, the Forge Volunteer Fire Company has provided fire protection and community service to the residents of Colebrook and their neighbors in the surrounding towns. Priding themselves on family tradition, the Forge Company has seen many generations of firefighters and officers pass the torch to their siblings, children, and even grandchildren. It is with great honor that the Forge Company continues to serve it’s wonderful little town, more than seventy years later.

We are honored to serve the Town of Colebrook, and support our surrounding communities in their time of need.